Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cousin Kelly's green salsa

Recently I was talking to on of my Girl friends that is catholic, and she was telling me she gave up soda for Lent. And I thought what would I give up?? And I said chips and salsa :) cause I LOVE eating chips and salsa so MUCH! Here is one of my FAVORITE salsa recipes. (It reminds me of the green salsa at Tia Rosa's)

Green salsa~

•2 27 oz. canned tomatillo's Drained

•1 7 oz. canned emabas Jalapenos in escabeche Drained

•1 bunch fresh Cilantro

•3 Pkts. Equal or sugar substitute

•(If i have fresh garlic I add 2 cloves) Blend it all together in your blender or cuisine art And ENJOY with some yummy tortilla chips. I also love this with taco's, eggs ect..(note: Karie suggests you add Jalapenos a little at a time to reach desired heat.)

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  1. Awesome blog! I found the link @ Kiras blog!
    I was wondering who's blog it was and then i figured it out! Thanks for putting some of my recipes on here. My dad LOVED brown sugar pudding. Obviously cause grandma made it for him. :)