Sunday, April 14, 2013

Grandma Ludwig's Sour Dough Starter

Sour Dough Starter
Store starter in the refrigerator in a plastic container with a hole in lid. until the night before making pan cakes or waffles
Add to starter  2 cups flour
                      2 cups milk
                      1 cup starter
                      pinch of salt
                                       Leave overnight at room temperature covered.
In the morning take out
1 cup starter and store in  a jar in the refrigerator  Do not cover tightly or leave anything medal in starter.
Add to remaining batter 2 eggs
                                     1/2 cup sugar
                                     3 TBS cooking oil
                                      1 1/4 teas. soda
                                     enough milk to make thin batter
                                                       I also add 1/2 teas Baking Powder
Beat well for 1 minute

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