Monday, July 9, 2007

Let's Get Together (ya...ya...ya)

Ok...I really think this could be awesome if we all put a little dedication into this. So here is my idea...we got those recipe books from the Ashby Reunion on Saturday, but now I say we make our own...Ludwig style (aka...FREE!).

I want you all to subscribe to this blog and as you come across old recipes, find new ones or remember favorites, post them to the blog. You can ad pics and/or a story/memories and/or ratings or commentary. Then we can lable the posts under food catagories, like poultry, breads, desserts, etc. If somebody else has a thought, memory or alteration of the recipe they can share it in the comments section.

I know I don't really cook much, but I really want to get better and better at it and I don't want any of the recipes that are so dear to me and our family to fall through the cracks. I also think this will be a great way to make the recipes come alive as we can all share about different foods in one place and can continue adding to it for years to come.

If you have others (like cousins or other relatives) you want to share recipes with us, invite them to contribute!

Now, we have all talked about getting our favorite recipes together like a million we have a way that we can all access and we can do it at our own pace.


  1. Kira I am totally up for this I will try to be dedicated in posting new and old yummy recipes. If I start to slack just e-mail me and I will jump right back on it! You are amazing!

  2. I don't do much with recipes but I will try.

  3. Yipeeeee! I seriously think if we do this, we will be glad!

    and Karli...I saw you started a blog but haven't posted yet! Get on it! It becomes a fun half journal/half scrapbook thing that you can have for a long time and can share with people you love (like me!) do plenty of cooking here and there and some of the stuff you make is our bbq steak and chicken (some of us need help in that arena, even though you might not think so), that green frappe drink stuff, orange julius (which, no, I don't know how to make), peanut butter and jelly tortillas and, my personal favorite, sloppy joes without ketchup. And dad, you too could use updating your blog every now and then :D

  4. Great idea! I know I'm not part of the family, but I have favorite neighbor status, which I think counts for something. And the bonus is that I have access to really good Asian food recipes. Who wouldn't want me on their food blog?

  5. of us has to start this...Ok, Ok, Ok...I'll do it. I vow to post tomorrow. I will bring recipes into work and type them out at lunch.